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At Schoner Chevrolet, we know RVs. And we know you shouldn’t head out on the highway until you’ve had a complete RV inspection. If you’ve missed a few inspections and you need a few repairs, we can help you there, too. Let’s take a look at the aspects of RV service and repair that will keep you moving from one adventure to the next.

Key Takeaways

  • Get your annual RV inspection to make sure your powertrain, brakes, tires, and other systems are in great working order.
  • RV maintenance services, such as fluid flushes, will enhance your performance and help you avoid costly repairs.
  • Your RV might break down, even when you follow a perfect maintenance schedule. If that happens, bring your RV to us, and we’ll help you get it going again!

Get Your Annual RV Inspection

Get an annual inspection to keep your RV running in tip-top condition! Better yet, bring your RV to Schoner Chevrolet for a professional, 56-point inspection. We’ll check out everything from your fluids to your tires to your brakes. We’ll even make sure your HVAC system and windshield wipers are up to par.


We’ll check your battery to make sure it’s going to keep you running smoothly for a while longer. Moreover, we’ll clean and clear your battery terminals and install an acid neutralizer mat to help make extra sure you don’t find yourself in need of a jumpstart!


Regular brake checks can help you stay safe. When you keep your brakes in good condition, you’ll also find yourself earning better fuel economy and saving money on unnecessary repairs. Regular brake checks will help you address noticeable changes in a timely manner!

Systems & Fluids

We’ll make sure your fluids — oil, power steering, brake, diesel exhaust, and even windshield washer fluids — are fresh and topped-off. Fresh fluids will keep your powertrain running smoothly and efficiently.


Tire health is a vital part of travel. A blowout in an RV could lead to a serious accident. That’s why you should inspect your tires for signs of dry rot or age. Not only will we ensure your tires are in a safe condition, but we’ll also fill them up to the correct PSI for you.


RV Services

Before you hit the highway, you should give your RV a thorough inspection. If you find you need any routine services, visit us at Schoner for top-notch work. Here’s a brief look at some of the things you can bring to us:

  • Transmission: We’ll drain your transmission old fluid and replace it with a fresh batch to ensure smooth shifts and fluid acceleration.
  • Fuel Injection: With clean injectors and intake valves, you can improve both performance and efficiency.
  • HVAC System: With a clean ventilation system, you can be sure you’re not inhaling any allergens or dangerous mold. Not to mention your RV will spell great and feel extra cool.
  • Brake Flush: Every two years, your hydraulic system needs a complete fluid flush. Replacing the old fluid with a new set increases your overall breaking power. We’ll also inspect the system for any leaks.

RV Repairs

Even when you follow your RV’s maintenance schedule to a tee, stuff happens. If you’ve got a problem you can’t quite diagnose, bring it to our RV specialists. Not only will we get it sorted out, but you can count on our professional team to provide repairs that are as reliable as they are timely!