Our GM certified service technicians have the skills needed to restore your vehicle to its original condition so it drives and looks as good as new. Schoner Chevrolet's auto body shop delivers high quality work using the industries best practices. We start by preparing a written estimate of what is recommended to complete your repair and follow up by addressing any questions you have until the repair is complete. In addition, if there is other service work that is required to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition, we have certified service technicians on hand. We will review the complete estimate with you, so their are no surprises.


Customers and insurance companies alike prefer getting auto body work completed at Schoner Chevrolet's collision center. Why is that, you ask? Maybe it's because we perform top-quality work more efficiently. Or because we use the latest technology in auto body repair to restore your vehicle. Or perhaps it's the simple fact that we are on your team. We do our part to make sure the insurance claim process runs smoothly. And sometimes, we can convince your insurance company to waive the deductible.

Our factory-trained experts know all the ins and outs when it comes to your tires and have the right replacements on hand, based on your requirements. They can also help you get the most out of your tires with simple maintenance tips.


A Comprehensive Body Shop to Meet All Your Needs

When it comes to vehicle ownership, few things are more frustrating than having to endure unexpected damage that keeps your sedan, truck, van, or SUV out of action for an extended period. Priority number one after an accident is undoubtedly your safety, but priority number two is undoubtedly having a reliable mechanic to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we employ an entire team of them to help our customers around Louisville and Akron.

We Work Efficiently to Get You Back on the Road Quicker

A major focus of our auto body shop is efficiency. We understand that for Cuyahoga Falls and Canton OH drivers, your vehicle is your life; it's the means at which you make ends meet. It's always our goal to ensure that our customers get their keys back promptly, so you can always trust the factory-certified team at Schoner Chevrolet to not waste any time getting to work on your vehicle.

We Handle Every Vehicle as if it Were Our Own

We've all been there. We've trusted our vehicle to a mechanic we barely know in hopes they can fix the problem at an affordable price only for two or three other problems to pop up in their place out of pure carelessness on their part. That's not how we operate for our Hartville OH customers. We're a passionate team of car enthusiasts, and we know what your vehicle means to you. Therefore, we treat every car, truck, and SUV that comes through our service station with the same care and respect that you give it daily. It's how we would want others to treat our own vehicles, so why not do that for our loyal customers? Simply put; it's just the right thing to do.

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